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Malaysian Internet Service Provider’s Poor Service – The never ending story!
October 11, 2009, 2:57 am
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Recently in my trip to Vietnam I had a shock of my life!

I was in the Vietnam International airport, and was surfing on a free and open wifi, and was downloading files from the Net at 170kbps! And in Ho Chi Minh city, everyone claims that free, open wifi with very good bandwidth is available everywhere!!!

What a surprise for a place I initially thought was behind Malaysia. At least when I know that when it comes to internet service, Malaysia is behind most other countries (including Vietnam), how sad….

A couple of days after my trip to Vietnam, I got stuck at KL Sentral (thanks to the traffic jam), hence to make productive use of my time, I decided to park the car and use the internet inside KL Sentral (either Starbuck, Kenny Rogers and others)….

First, tried a Access Point called “StarBucks”, it was obvious who is the provider – TimeDotCom and Starbucks. Can you imagine, I was trying to connect to the AP for more than 15 min! Initially thought that its my laptop, but after checking with some guys with laptops around there, I got to know I wasn’t alone!

Given up on Starbucks, I decided to try others like Kenny Rogers, MRCB’s free wifi and so on… to my suprise there were issues with all of them. Whether its frequant disconnects, very very bandwidth or just plain does work! Wasted my 30 min, decided to get into the car and threw myself into the traffic jam to get into office, and only to find out that my home’s RedTone’s internet service was also down and upon reporting, they have said “We will get back to you in 24 hours”!

Sad situation!

Makes me wonder at times…  when the basic infrastructure like Internet is not of World class standards, how do they expect Malaysian’s to produce World class softwares? Whats the point in creatingg dreams like Cyberjaya and Knowledge based industry when there is no proper framework for Knowledge distribution.


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