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5 Ways Google has changed my life forever! (More than just a search engine would).
December 18, 2009, 9:14 am
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Been using for the past 11 years, but the past 2 years has proved that Google is playing a vital role in my digital life, more ways than just a search engine would.
The following is my story.

1. News – I no longer look for the newspaper in the morning, instead I reach out to my phone to read mobile Google News.

2. Alerts – I used to search for my favourite keywords on the net, see their page ranking, popularity, and related news. This was a time consuming task, but I had to do it, specially when it was about my competing companies. But now, with Google Alerts, the relevant Alerts about my favourite keywords are delivered to my “door step” (email inbox).

3. Apps – Coming a traditional windows background, Microsoft Outlook was the screen I facing for my entire working till last year – when I migrated the whole company email infrastructure to Google Apps. Working life has never been this fun for me and others at work as it is now. Need a online tasks management system? No problem! Need to have a project intranet? The site template is there! Need to access office mails on a Windows mobile phone with free push mail? Google Sync for Apps has the answer! I can go on and on… it has brought great features at a fraction of the original cost!

4. Android – I have been mobile phones since 1996, the old Motorola DPC 650 (better known as the brick phone among my friends). And getting to work at Motorola’s largest phone R&D and manufacturing plantat Libertyville, IL , used to make me think that I know what phones were and will be capable of doing in a long time to come. Android proved me wrong.
Never in my life have I had a such productive device on my hand. Whats great about Android you might ask. Its just another hype like Apple’s iPhone you might say.
Trust me, its not. With technology like Android’s Open Source OS, updates being released every month, Google Sync working with mail, calendar, IM, Google Goggles which enables you search by image, Google Voice search, 40 phone manufacturing companies pouring their money into Android, the world has never seen such a mobile platform yet. Even all my blog posts and tweets come from my favourite T-Mobile G1!

5. Maps – Yes, we always had GPS, but with Google Maps, all information has been “geo enabled”. Now days when i look at a company’s address, i expect a coordinates which i can just punch into Google Maps. Better still, I expect a link to Google Maps from the address! It has changed my perception on geographical information. And by the way, do I need to mention how easy is my life by having Google Maps with streetview on my Android? 🙂

These are just some of the current technologies which has influenced and changed the way I run my life.
I hope to write another piece on how I think and forecast the forth coming stuffs from Google might change it further – stuffs like Google Wave, Goggles, Nexus One, Chromium OS (better known as Chrome OS), Google Friends and many others!


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