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Vietnam’s Internet Access – Superb!
July 9, 2010, 1:54 am
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For many of you who has been to Vietnam (with a laptop), you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Vietnam which is considered as a developing country, and to a large extent is seen behind Malaysia and Singapore, to my astonishment, as a superb internet access facility everywhere in the city!

And I am saying this from the speed and availability perspective.

On availability – Unlike where I come from Malaysia, where more than 90% of the WIFI connections are secured (whether password protected OR disabled for outsider access), in Vietnam most WIFI are left OPEN for outsider to access and freely use! First time I experienced this, I thought to myself, this was heaven on earth!
A simple example was at my hotel yesterday, Hotel Kim Loong, at District 1, upon checking in, turned on the laptop,and found over 7 open wifi APs, and the hotel’s own wifi spot was also open and available.

On Speed – The story just gets better, not just that the open wifis are available everywhere, but the speed of downloading and uploading are superbly fast!
Whether its your GMail, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr or any other Net services, there was No waiting at all, its just fast! So fast that I was downloading docs and large pdfs at 90 KBps to 100 KBps (Yes, KB) at my hotel!

As much as all of us know how the slow uptake of English language in Vietnam, with the penetration of internet, Vietnamese are going to be on the road for development on high speed (broadband) !


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