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How important is a Blood Bank / Transfusion software to a hospital? (from: http://bbms.centiumsuite.com/ )
July 23, 2010, 9:33 am
Filed under: Blood Banking Systems, Healthcare IT

We have developed Blood Bank Management System software which works at Hospital, Regional and National level. While everyone realizes of having such a system for National level, I would like to get some opinion from the hospital operations people, on the need and importance of having such a system in a hospital.

For example, does the medical department OR the blood transfusion of the hospital considers that the following information as critical to the hospital based blood bank’s operation?
1. Information of Donor profiles – to know which donors are and has been deferred before – e.g. from the National Donor database.
2. General history of the donor from patients point of view, probably when +ve on certain virology, serology or hematology tests or even the previous transfusion records – probably from other hospitals ?
3. To know the current blood stocks from nearby hospitals or blood banks? Probably government as well as private ones?
4. Any other perspectives, like trends of blood demands and supply in the area or country?

Please contribute more to this chain of messages, so that we are able to understand the trend of requirements of blood bank management systems from different parts of the world (as it will be different – for sure.)

Currently we have developed a system which caters for the above needs, but now sure how important are these features above, across the globe.

The Blood Bank software guys!


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